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I Repair Garage Doors in Newnan, Georgia. ~Justin Davis


Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my website. My name is Justin Davis and I am the owner and operated of Davis’ Newnan Garage Door Repair. I have been repairing garage doors for years. Throughout the years of experience repairing garage doors I have seen all types of problems that happen with regular to not so regular garage door systems.

I am confident that I can help you! I am mobile and come to you to take a look at what is causing your garage door to not work at all or to work poorly. I have found that the sooner a problem is taken care of the easier it is to fix and the least costly it will be. Because of that I urge you to please call to make sure you garage door gets the right care it needs.

Why Choose Our Newnan Garage Door Repair Services?

I have built my company on providing quality services to my residential customers. We do fantastic work at prices that our customers feel comfortable with. We work hard at being easy to communicate with and work with overall. The best way to schedule an appointment is to give us a call.

We promise that we will use high quality tools, equipment, parts, and expertise to take care of your homes garage door or doors. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the services we offer you.

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Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
Our garage door needed repaired during Thanksgiving and I wasn't sure if we could get someone before the holiday. However, we found Davis Garage doors and Justin came to fix it that same day! He quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I would recommend… ~ Sherry - Newnan, GA

Garage Door Tension Spring Repair

Our Company Repairs Tension Springs

A key element to a garage door operating correctly lies with the garage door’s tension spring. Tension springs help the garage door raise and lower. The spring works by pre-twisting it so that it has built up tension or energy that helps lift the garage door. Every tension spring has a limited amount of opens and closes. Why? Because it gets worn down over time. When they finally stop working is when they snap and come apart. When this happens the spring will lose its tension and won’t be able to help the systems motor raise and lower the garage door.

It is important that you get your spring fixed and repaired or replaced in order to have your garage door working properly.

DIY People

There are times that residents will give us a call to get advice on repairing their own garage door springs. Of course you can do it yourself and there are plenty of youtube videos talking about just this. However, we highly advice against this due to the nature of the tension spring itself. Tension springs have to be twisted and secured properly. When done improperly the person could be seriously injured.

Garage Door Motors

We Repair & Replace Motors

Most of the time customers just call us because their garage doors are not working and they don’t know why. One of the reasons many garage doors break or stop working is because of a worn down motor. Motors are a key element in the operating system of garage doors. They get a lot of wear and tear throughout the years and thousands of times that they open and close the doors.

Motors can be repaired and often need to be replaced all together. We can do both and will properly assess your situation and advice on one or the other. As professionals we work hard to give the best advice possible so that our customers can make decisions that makes sense for them and that are in their best interest.


What are garage door rollers?

Garage door rollers guide the door up and down. The roller system is so important when keeping the garage door on track and to help lighten the load that the motor has to move. One of the most common problems with rollers is that they get off track. Most people will just put their rollers back on track themselves but what do you need to do if it keeps coming of the track.

If your garage door rollers keep coming off the track, you can call us to make the proper adjustments to your garage door to ensure this doesn’t happen anymore.