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We have received 35 Reviews, Averaging 4.97 Stars!

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Our Maintenance Will Keep Your Garage Door Working For Years

Why Does Your Garage Door Require Maintenance?

  • It Never Seems To Stay Fixed
  • We Don't Have Enough Time To Do It Our Selves
  • It's An Older Model
  • Garage Doors? Not Our Fortay
  • The Garage Door Hasn't Been Checked In Years
  • Need To Make Sure It Will Last

Unmaintained Garage Doors Are Bad...

Parts That Don't Function Correctly Will Cause Accidents!

Our Maintenance Check For Just Such Things!

Can We Be There In 24 Hours Or Less?

We sure can be there within 24 hours

We do like to set scheduled appointments for as soon as possible or whatever time is best for them

If it's an emergency we will be there as soon as possible.


Who Is The Gate Keeper?

That would be the owner Justin Davis

You will be able to get your garage door maintenance appointment set up with him.

We will have one of our professionals servicing you in no time

Our Proof Expertise?

Not only do we have professional technicians, but they are constantly striving to learn better ways to maintain your garage door.

Our company is also locally owned and operated, giving you the best service anyone can ask for.

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No Disadvantage Using Davis!

1. Quality Garage Door Maintenance

2. Knowledgable Technicians

3. Locally Operated And Owned Company

4. Many Reviews From Other Customers

5. Scheduling Made Easy

6. Professional Technicians

Recent Jobs


Garage Door Maintenance Services in Newnan, GA

We install, repair, and maintain garage doors in Newnan, GA. The fact that our technicians have more than 12 years of experience working with all types of garage doors means that we know what it takes to solve common garage door problems so that you can keep things in working order.


Garage Door Spring Replacements in Newnan, Georgia

We replace garage door springs in Newnan, Georgia and surrounding cities. Call Justin Davis today to help.


Garage Door Repair Newnan GA

We repair garage doors in Newnan, GA. Welcome to our company. Call Justin today to get your garage door repaired by a local expert.

Recent Reviews

Coley Harrell

Newnan, GA

Date: Sep 16, 2020
Fantastic job!! Justin came right over on a Saturday morning after one of my springs broke. He was extremely professional and did a wonderful job! I highly recommend him!

"Extremely Professional And Did A Wonderful Job!"

Charles Herd

Newnan, GA

Date: Feb 24, 2020
Do not call anyone else! Justin is simply FANTASTIC! I called multiple companies and Justin was the only company that answered his phone and not voice mail. He scheduled my appointment immediately and arrive on-time! He was very nice, professional, and diagnosed my problem within minutes. He explained everything thoroughly and quoted me a very fair price. He replaced the springs on the top of the garage door in less than 30 minutes.

"Do Not Call Anyone Else! Justin Is Simply FANTASTIC!"

Catherine Larson

Tyrone, GA

Date: Oct 13, 2020
My garage door couldn’t close. Justin came to my rescue an hour after I called. He was able to get it fixed within a very short time. He was polite and answered all the questions I had. I'm very impressed and would definitely recommend.

"Justin Came To My Rescue"

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