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Hi, my name is Justin Davis and I own Davis Garage Doors. I have been repairing, installing, and replacing garage doors for over 12 years. I hope to be your #1 choice as a Garage Door Repair Company in Peachtree City.

If you need a garage door repair company in Peachtree City, I would be honored to receive your call and the job. The best way to contact my company to schedule a repair visit is by phone. We work hard to answer our phones right away so that we can help you as quickly and professionally as possible.

I am confident in our abilities to repair your garage door so that it works properly again. We use quality tools, equipment, parts, and every minute of past experience to repair each customers garage door.

Why Use My Peachtree City Garage Door Repair Services?

Twelve years of experience isn’t an easy thing to come by. For the past 12 years I have been working in the Garage Door Repair industry helping customers get the right services the need in a way they deserve. From handling customer phone calls to providing the actual services I have done it all.

I run my business focused on doing the best quality repair work and people respect that.

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Client Testimonial
Our garage door needed repaired during Thanksgiving and I wasn't sure if we could get someone before the holiday. However, we found Davis Garage doors and Justin came to fix it that same day! He quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I would recommend… ~ Sherry - Newnan, GA

Types of Garage Door Repairs We Do

We hope this list gives a little insight into what we do.

We do everything from A – Z when it comes to repairing garage doors. We work not only on residential garage doors but we also work on commercial garage doors. When garage doors stop working there are many reason why and we know what to look for and test to see exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. Below are some of the more common repairs we offer.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs for garage doors break all the time. The normal garage door spring lasts roughly 10,000 cycles and for a busy family that spring can get worn and snap rather quickly.

One of the primary areas we service is Peachtree City and Newnan, Georgia. Here is a page we created to highlight our garage door spring repair services in Newnan, GA and we also offer all types of garage door repair in Newnan.

Motor Repair

Motors don’t last forever and when they finally stop working the entire automated garage door doesn’t function anymore. There are many different brands and types of garage door motors. The good thing is that we have the experience to know what parts to order, what to fix, what is broken, etc. We can repair garage door motors. If your motor is beyond repair, we also install and replace garage door motors.

Garage Door Panel Repair

Did someone run into your garage door and mess up one of the panels? Believe it or not cars running into garages or “bumping” into them are one of the main reasons the panels get damaged. Depending on the type of garage door and the amount of damage we can simply replace the damaged panel. In some instances it may be cheaper and more feasible to replace the entire garage door.

Garage Door Roller Repairs

The rollers on a garage door are really important. They help guide the door up and down as it opens and closes. On top of that the rollers actually help the opener and spring by taking a lot of the weight as the garage door gets higher and start to roll horizontally into the garage.

If your garage door keeps coming off its rollers, we can help. If the rollers are damaged, we can repair them as well.