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Garage Door Spring Replacements in Newnan, Georgia

We Replace Garage Door Springs!


Hello and welcome to my professional garage door company. We replace garage door springs in Newnan, Georgia.

My name is Justin Davis and I am the owner and operator of Davis Newnan Garage Door Repair. I have over 12 years of garage door installation, repair, replacement, and adjustment experience. I am confident in my abilities to repair, install, or replace your garage door entirely or partially.

We Replace Garage Door Springs

The garage door tension spring is an important part of the operating system for the garage door. The spring itself helps the garage door open and close. The tension in the spring helps the opener by actually lifting the garage door or making it lighter for the garage door opener. Sometimes when a garage door spring isn’t working properly we can offer garage door spring repair but most of the time it needs to be replaced entirely because it has snapped in half.

Although the tension springs are strong there will always come a time when they need to be replaced. Why? Just like anything the spring gets worn and stressed as it relaxes and winds through each opening and closing cycle. Did you know that the normal tension spring has approximately 10,000 cycles in it?

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Our garage door needed repaired during Thanksgiving and I wasn't sure if we could get someone before the holiday. However, we found Davis Garage doors and Justin came to fix it that same day! He quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I would recommend… ~ Sherry - Newnan, GA

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

What is involved in replacing a torsion spring?

Replacing a garage door torsion spring should always be done by experts with the experience and tools to do it properly. Many people have asked if they can replace their own springs and our honest answer is yes but without the proper experience or tools we don’t recommend it.


1. Torsion springs work primarily because of the energy that is stored in the spring by twisting it tightly. If the spring is twisted too tight it can snap and seriously injure the person installing it.

2. If the spring is not set right it will lose a lot of life and will need to be replaced sooner. If this is the case, any money saved by the home owner is going to be spent on replacing their spring earlier than needed.

3. Knowing the right spring to buy for your garage door is also really important. The wrong spring can cause the garage door to break earlier, not work at all, or to not work properly. An incorrect spring installation may cause you to need garage door opener installation or repairs earlier than normal.