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Roller Repair For Garage Doors in Newnan, GA

Your Garage Door Rollers Are A Small Part Of An Intricate System


Your garage door may look very simple from the outside, but they are actually very intricate. No matter which type of garage door you have installed, it has a lot of moving parts that make it work. One part of your garage door that can sometimes give homeowners a few problems is the garage door roller. Although garage door rollers are quite small, they actually have the potential to cause some huge problems for your door. However, we at Davis Garage Doors can help you repair or replace your garage door rollers before they cause costly damage to your door. Whether you know it’s the roller or aren’t quite sure what part of your door is giving you problems, give us a call. Our garage door specialists in Newnan, GA can help you figure things out and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

Common Garage Door Roller Problems

We know how to identify when your rollers are at the root of your problem.

When it comes to garage door rollers, there are a few issues that homeowners commonly face. Some of them include:

  • Corrosion: Garage door rollers have metal parts. Like other things that are made of metal, they have a tendency to begin rusting after they have been used for a long time.
  • Sticking: When the garage door rollers begin to rust or lack lubrication the door may frequently stick and become a little difficult to lift.
  • Noise: Garage door rollers that are in need of proper lubrication often make loud screeching noises when you open your door.

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Our garage door needed repaired during Thanksgiving and I wasn't sure if we could get someone before the holiday. However, we found Davis Garage doors and Justin came to fix it that same day! He quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I would recommend… ~ Sherry - Newnan, GA

Why You Shouldn't Attempt Roller Repair On Your Own

Let us help keep you safe and your garage door intact.

Many online garage door roller repair tutorials will try to convince homeowners that replacing their garage door rollers is an easy thing to do. While the job may seem simple at first, there are a few reasons why calling a garage door repair specialist is actually the best thing you can do. Here’s why:

We Can Repair And Replace It All

12 years of experience means there's nothing we haven't yet seen.

From garage door panel repair to damaged rollers, Davis Garage Doors can repair and replace it all. Justin Davis’ 12 years of experience means that he has seen your type of door and your particular problem before, and he’ll know exactly what to do to get your door back up and running in no time.