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Job Details

Location of Job: Palmetto, GA
When: Mar 16, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Door Installation
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Brief Explanation

How large of an area do we service?

We provide the Newnan, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Palmetto, and Tyrone areas with all of our premier, garage door services. Additionally, we service even out to the greater Coweta County and Fayette County areas as well.

Just how good are we at garage door installations?

That's a question that our past customers have already answered for us. We have over 30+ reviews that are averaging out at 5-stars and still counting!

What's our most recent installation?

We recently had a customer call from the Palmetto area in regards to having us take a look at their garage door.

We were able to come out, see what sort of condition the door was in, and then got and installed for them a brand new door one all within a 24 hour period of time.

Before Our Installation

Upon arrival, we noticed that there was quite a large dent in the top center of our customer's garage door. (View Before picture.)

This caused several panels to concave inwards and further rippled out. This made a good portion of the rest of the door warped and thus, potentially prone to failure at some point in the future.

We more than likely could have repaired the unit had our customer wanted to go that route.

After Our Installation

Instead, then decided to simply have us install a brand new garage door unit, which we were more than happy to assist them with.

We did our initial service call and diagnostic on Friday and were able to get our customer's replacement door (see After pictures) and install it the very next day on Saturday.

It's disappointing how some other garage door businesses sometimes take 3, 4, or even 5 days to follow up with their customers or to simply finish the service that they started in the first place.

Not us though!

Thankfully, for all of our customers here at Davis Garage Doors, the term "lollygagging" doesn't have a place in our everyday vernacular.



After Photos

Call Today!
(678) 916-9782
Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
Our garage door needed repaired during Thanksgiving and I wasn't sure if we could get someone before the holiday. However, we found Davis Garage doors and Justin came to fix it that same day! He quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I would recommend… ~ Sherry - Newnan, GA

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1. How fast can we do garage door installations?


Every jobs's different, and so is everyone's garage door. Regardless though, we always strive to complete a job ASAP, especially when it comes to garage door installations.

In this specific case, it was an open-n-shut project where we came out on a Friday afternoon and had a look at their garage door. We then returned the following Morning, Saturday, with their new style of door and replaced their old one right then and there.

At David Garage Doors, we always strive our best to never sacrifice quality for quickness. Rather, we believe that you can have both.

2. How much does a garage door cost to purchase and get installed?


Honestly, it depends on a variety of factors such as...

1 - How many garage doors are you planning on getting installed? 1 single door or 2 double doors?
2 - Are you choosing a door material that's more budget-friendly or will be able to better withstand the grueling tests of time?
3 - How wide is your garage? 14 feet? 22 feet? 30 feet?

But factors aside, we can assure you that we'll provide you with the best and most cost-efficient local garage installations around!

3. How much experience do we have?


We have more than 12 years of experience in installing new garage doors, and we'd love to add you to our list of highly satisfied customers.

We have more than 30+ reviews and counting that average out at 5-stars!

4. Do you only do the actual garage door installations?


In addition to the plain garage doors themselves, we are equally qualified and capable of installing: garage door motors, garage door opener mechanisms, garage door rollers, along with torsion and extension springs as well.

5. Is it time for me to get a new garage door?


If you're asking this question, then the answer is probably already a yes.

However, we'd be happy to help lay out all the options for you. If that's simply getting a new panel or two, great. If you just need us to bump out a few dings, then right on. Sometimes, it can even be as little as getting a different style door in a different color. But hey, everyone's different right?

Regardless of where your garage is in terms of potential replacement, we're here to help you decide upon what best works for you and your expectations.